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Small exterior tree will become tall !

The Tiny Tree


They are and will stay alive! 1 extra tree will also be planted to thank you!



19,99$ + 10$ deposit for the tree + 10$ deposit for the pot.



They are easy to carry and do not loose their needles.



Our office is in Montreal. The production site is at a 50 km distance  in Franklin. 


Tiny Tree is the project of Etienne, 6 years old. He gives you the opportunity to adopt your own small christmas tree  for the holidays. c'est le projet d'Etienne, 5 ans. Il vous offre la chance d'adopter votre propre petit sapin pour le temps des fêtes! Well alive, it needs to stay outside to garantee it's survival. Place it in front of your door to welcome your visitors!  You can also find it a name and personalize the little wood stick in the pot. Year after year, you  will see it grow!

After the holidays, 2 options...

Keep it

In it's pot or to plant it. Make it a real traditionnal outdoor christmas tree! A balsam fir can reach up to 25 meters tall!

Bring it back

We will bring it back north to Tiny  Tree Land. We are able to bring you the same tree, a little taller, for the following holidays.