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Small exterior tree will become tall !

The Tiny Tree


They are alive, organic and 1 extra tree is planted to thank you!



$29,99 + $10 deposit for the tree + $10 deposit for the pot.



They are easy to carry and do not loose their needles.



Our office is in Montreal. The production site is at a 55 km distance  in Franklin. 


Tiny Tree is the project of Etienne, 8 years old. He gives you the opportunity to adopt your own small christmas tree for the holidays. You can find it a cute name and write it down on the wooden stick. 

At the beginning of the year, we offer to take back your tree if it remained outside. We will take it back to "The Field of the Tiny Trees" and take care of it for you. If you wish so, we can bring you the same tree the following holidays. Year after year, you  will see it grow!


You can return it, but also plant it in the spring or keep it in it's pot. Place it next to your door to welcome your visitors and to demonstrate that you are for the environment.


It will remain green for the holidays with some watering but it is unlikely to survive in the spring. However,  it remains an eco-friendly option because a 5 years old tree implies way less resources and energy than a regular 15 years old one.