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Become self-sufficient in hops!

You made it there! Brewers usually use a hop for bittering and a mix of aromatic hops to complete the recipe. So, you could start with on bittering hop plant and a few aromatic ones, accordingly to your favorite beer styles. 

Check out Cultivars link for more details. 

You will find all the information you need, from planting to harvesting in our Culture guide. If you have questions afterwards, you can contact us. Basic technical support is included.

Outstanding landscaping!

Starting on their second year, plants can grow 18 feet in 8 week! You will love our plants with their dark green leaves and constrasting yellow cones. With their tremendous growth, these perennials can make a green wall or fence in a record time. It is a beautiful way to fight heat! We usually plant them every 3 feet. Also, as a utilitary plant, it is an interesting choice for educative and community projetcs.

Houblon pépine