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Choice !

We are always experimenting new varieties available. Here is the list of the 24 cultivars for brewing we recommand. Those in bold are available in larger quantities. Hops are listed in order of alpha acid content (bitterness), the in order of beta acid centent (flavors). Exact datas are available upon request via laboratory  analysis.








Tea Maker Pronounced, rose, lilac 1 13 Funky/sour, stout, varied
Hallertauer Mittelfrüh Slightly spicy 4 4 Bavarian lager
Saaz Herbal, intense 4 5,5 Pilsner, lager
Fuggle Herbal, wood 5 2,5  English, lambic 
Golding Mild 5 2,5 English ale, belgian
Willamette  Light, delicate, pleasant 5 3,5 English ale, american ale
Liberty Earthy 5 3,5 All
Ultra Sweet, spices 5 4 Bavarian
Crystal Pronounced, lemon 5 5,5 IPA, ale, english
Canadian Redvine Pronounced, cherry, grapefruit 5 5,5 Red, porter


Aromatic and bittering


Lemon, slightly floral

6 5,5 IPA, witbier, porter, barley wine, harvest
Mount Hood Pronounced, pungent 6 6,5  All
Santiam Pronounced, peppper, floral 7 7 APA, IPA
Tahoma Lemon, orange, wood, spices 7 9 Ale, wheat, lager
Yakima Gold Light and varied 7,5 4 All
Challenger Floral, spicy, sweet citrus 8 4,5 All
Alpharoma Strong, citrus, tropical fruits 9 3,5  APA, lager, IPA, harvest, NEIPA


Aromatic and very bittering

Triple Pearl Floral, spices, fairly strong 10 3,5 Lager, wheat
Centennial Lemon 11 4 IPA, APA, wheat
Limonadier Lemon, intense 11 4 IPA
Nugget Herbal, a bit lemony 12 5 Ale, stout, barley wine, season
Renaissance Raspberries, blueberries 12 6 Milkshake IPA
Chinook grapefruit, spices, pine 13 3,5 APA, IPA, stout, porter, lager
Sorachi Ace Dill, lemon, bubble gum 13 6,5 Wheat, IPA, APA, season, belgian
Galena Pronounced, citrus, orange 13 8 All
Newport Cantaloupe, fruit salad 16 8 All, NEIPA



Lupuloïdes Mango, apricot, pear, peach, cherry, honeydew  - NEIPA



Golden  -  -  -  -

Summer  Shandy       (dwarf)

 -  -
 -  -


References: Lab analysis, internet and our observations.