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Grow Tips

Here are some tips about growing vegetables in a pot.


Your Tiny Garden contains plants that are already established that should start producing shortly. Vegetables that need to be re-sown to produce again have already been re-sown before being delivered to you.



For maximum yield, place your Tiny Garden where it will get plenty of sunlight. It is also preferable to shelter it from strong winds. If it is exposed to rain, it will save you some watering. Finally, if you have different Tiny Gardens, try to space them out from each other.



If it does not rain on your plants, water a little 3 to 4 times a week, 1 to 2 times a week for tomatoes.  If you do not have a watering container, you can use a cauldron and gently pour the water in the pot.



The soil in your Tiny Garden has already been fertilized. You can still give it an extra dose in the first half of July. Be sure to incorporate the fertilizer into the soil and wash your vegetables before eating them.


Normally vegetable plants will take up the majority of the space, leaving little room for unwanted weeds. You can remove these if necessary.


Insects and diseases

With proper maintenance, plants are stronger and more resiliant. However, they are not immune to the great diversity of insects and diseases found in the environment. If a problem arises, we recommand that you do an online search on credible sites, clearly describing the symptoms. Once the problem has been identified, look for solutions, favoring natural ones.


To learn more

For more growing and harvesting tips, we refer you to the technical sheets of one of our seed suppliers. Just click on the vegetable of your choice:

Tomato, Basil, Bean

Cucumber, Lettuce, Pea

Pepper, Carrot, Shallot