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Frequently asked questions

Can I bring my Tiny Tree inside?

Balsam firs do not tolerate quick changes of temperature. Even only a couple hours inside, it will dry up in the spring. However, a small tree has a way smaller ecological footprint than a regular tree.


Do I have to water it?

Inside, yes. Outside, not during the winter. If you keep it all year, watering is needed in dry weather, more frequently if it is kept in it's pot (compared to planted). It is recommanded to water it a lot in the fall so it can make reserves for the winter.


How tall is a Tiny Tree?

About 24 inches with the pot on the first year.


How long can I keep it in it's pot?

More than 5 years.


Why is it looking different than a standard christmas tree?

Because they are intended to become real tall trees, the are not trimmed.


What is the best place to put my Tiny Tree?

If possible, a place not too windy and away from the street's salts.


Very cold temperature is coming, is there anything I can do?

Below -15 degrees, we recommand to put snow all around the pot. If there is no snow, use another insulating material.


Can I decorate it?

Of course! Low emission lights are recommanded to protect the needles. If you bring it back to us, please take the decorations off.


Can I write on the wood stick?

Yes, it is made for that! Find it a cute name and personalize it!


I would like to have the same tree next year. What do I have to do?

Simply bring us back the tree with the wood stick and write us an email at Mention the number on the wood stick. If you wish to recuperate your Tiny Tree at another location the following holidays, please mention it also. 


How can I have my  deposit back?

Just bring us back the tree in good shape (kept outside all the time) in it's pot. The place and time for the returns will be announced at delivery and at the beginning of January on our Facebook page.